God’s been at work, we’re back to NY!

the bible church

Throughout the past year we have been exploring different ministry possibilities. We had three major options come about but ultimately the Lord closed those doors.  We did not know why God kept closing these doors but we were learning patience and to trust him. I (Kevin) had the privilege to go on a mission trip to The Bible Church of Port Washington in Long Island with some teens from our church. While we were there we learned that the church was looking for a new pastoral assistant. The Lord led me and the pastor to talk with one another and he asked me to come back the next week with Liz and Russell. We have now attended three Sundays at the church and this past Sunday the church voted to take me on as the pastoral assistant. We will be moving to Port Washington Long Island in just over a month. Our ministries will include music, evangelism, discipleship, preaching, and youth ministry. The church is located on the driveway to the high school and middle school so we are very excited about the possibilities of a youth group. The Lord has also worked out the details for me to be able to go into the city once a week and work at our old church. While I am at our previous ministry on Thursdays I will be helping with the food pantry services and also reaching out to the teens in the government housing next door to the church.

Our new church has a house for us to live in, will cover our utilities and pay some extra on top of this! Lord willing, our groceries will mostly be covered through me working at the food pantry in Manhattan. It’s obvious to us that God has been at work preparing the way for us. We are still receiving some support from when we used to be in NY so that will help as well! Our goal is for Liz to get another baby sitting job so I can work full time in the ministry. If you are burdened in helping the revitalization of a church and for inner-city teens please consider contributing through our link.

The Lord has burdened Liz and I specifically to reach the different nations that have gathered here in the cities of the US. We explored and pursued a few means to this end… Camp ministry to inner-city teens and then local church ministry in Albany with the inner-city close by. The Lord answered prayer though, by opening and closing doors and led us here. It is a slightly different ministry than we had been envisioning but God had it planned all along. We are thrilled to be able to work with a small church and at the same time work with teens. Port Washington Long Island is very diverse and we are looking forward to seeing God work!

We are praising God especially for His clear direction. Specific prayer requests that He has answered-

  • A ministry that is in/close to a big city.
  • A ministry that would be very church focused.
  • A ministry that would have a couple we could minister with. (Pastor John Brackbill has a wonderful wife who has quickly clicked with Liz and they have five young children who play well with Russell)
  • A ministry that we can settle down in and be a part of long-term.
  • A ministry where we could work with inner-city teens.

Thanks for reading and for your prayers!

One response to “God’s been at work, we’re back to NY!

  1. So happy to hear you are back in NY! There are good people in that church. Hope to see you one day. In fact, we will be coming up in November. Will stay in touch!

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