God Transforming Hearts: From Sleeping to Preaching

Just over three years ago, when I first started preaching in Manhattan, I was starting to understand that some people just sleep when preaching happens but James Rodriguez would consistently be the first to sleep and usually slept even before I started preaching. On multiple occassions James would answer his phone while I was preaching and once he even told me to just “hold on a minute” when I asked him to step out or stop the phone conversation. James grew up in the Lower East Side which at the time was an incredibly rough area. By God’s grace, as we worked through Ephesians, God turned James’ heart to Christ. Since then he has become one of the most faithful volunteers and oversees the church’s distribution of food in the very neighborhood where he grew up. He now faithfully shares the Gospel and shows the love of Christ to the lost people of NYC. It has truly been a privilege to see the Lord graciously change James’ heart. Every Thursday I have the wonderful opportunity to bring the left over pantry food to James and his crew and see his testimony among the people. Below is a recent write up about what goes on there… It does not talk about the Gospel much but gives a neat picture of how the Lord is at work.


LES Food Distribution Kevin and James

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