April Update – Gospel Going Forth


Thank you all for your prayers. Our Good Friday outreach went very well. We had twelve visitors on Good Friday and another six visitors on Easter Sunday. Please be in prayer for continued growth of attendance and tender hearts towards the Gospel. We are really praying that the Lord would graciously allow us to see family units be saved and added to the church here.  We also had an incredible church workday and were able to transform the front of the church.

We have always had a church picnic on Memorial Day but this year we are handing out invitations to it at the parade and hanging a large banner.  In other words we are turning our little church picnic into a free barbecue for the community and presenting the Gospel.  We are also organizing a men’s fishing trip for this June so that men from the church can invite their unsaved family, friends and neighbors. Please be in prayer for these two events. We are completely dependent on the Lord to work in hearts.

I (Kevin) have had some wonderful opportunities out in the community just getting to know people and build relationships. I was playing soccer recently with a group of guys and when the game finished a young man needed a ride home. I offered. As soon as we got into the car he asked me what I did for a living… J God clearly opened the door quickly. The boy was from Georgia (the country) and has grown up an Orthodox Christian. He did not know the Gospel and agreed to grab some coffee with me. Sitting in Dunkin’s I had him read Romans 6:23 and he told me what the verse meant… “Sinners deserve death.” Then I had him read Romans 3:23 the light bulb turned on for him and he exclaimed “we are all sinners and ALL deserve death!” I then was able to point him to Christ. Unfortunately when we discussed having a Bible study on a regular basis his mom said that she wants him to do one with someone she knows. Please pray for me to have wisdom as I continue to see him around the community and play soccer with him.

I also ask prayer from you all for the following. I have a strong desire to be feeding the sheep with a rich diet of God’s Word each week. Here is a quote from Preaching: How to Preach Biblically that recently made an impact on me – “The young preacher has been taught to lay out all his strength on the form, taste, and beauty of his sermon as a mechanical and intellectual product. We have thereby cultivated a vicious taste among the people and raised the clamor for talent instead of grace, eloquence instead of piety, rhetoric instead of revelation, reputation and brilliancy instead of holiness.” God has taught me a tremendous amount about preaching in the past year but I am weak and sinful and therefore need God to be transforming me by His grace each week as I prepare to step behind the pulpit. I have been learning that it is not style, properly outlining, or good illustrations that make a sermon an impact on hearts. It is coming from the very presence of God and truly grasping the truths of the text and clearly presenting these truths in an understandable and relevant message.

Liz’s pregnancy is continuing to go well and our little girl is looking very healthy. Russell is growing up fast and excited to meet baby… Below is a video of him trying to quote John 3:16. Please also enjoy the music and video of the church renovations below.

The Vigneaults

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