October Update

Hello Everyone,

We are sorry that it has been so long since an update. The end of the summer into the fall have been some wonderful times.

Ministry – We have really been enjoying our new move ins ministry. We have been receiving the name and address of all those who move into Port Washington each month (80 on average). John and I and some other people from the church have been going out with welcome packets to give to these new families. We have been blessed with some wonderful conversations. This outreach has become our favorite way to share the Gospel.

We have had a new family at the church with four children. They have been coming quite consistently for over two months now. It has been such a blessing to minister to them and see the children all play together. We ave also been having quite a few people from the Helen Keller Center for the Deaf and Blind visiting. There have also been two ladies who use to attend the church over thirty years ago who have recently been attending again.

I have been able to do a lot of work on the property lately and The Lord has allowed us to move our  offices down to the second floor in order to have more space and be more accessible to the church people. Both the 1st and 2nd floor now have fresh coats of paint and are nicely finished. We will be working on the third floor, as The Lord provides, with hopes of having it become a nice space for missionary housing.

Please be in prayer for our Thanksgiving Concert – We have 2,500 door hangers and 500 postcards that we will be giving out these next few weeks as invitations to a special Thanksgiving “eve” concert. This is very similar to what we did at Easter time this past Spring. That outreach brought out over ten visitors who heard the Gospel. We ask that you would pray that The Lord would bring many lost people out and that He would draw sinners to Christ.

Our family has been doing great. Emelia is as sweet as ever and getting big. She is just over four months now and very healthy and happy. Russell is really becoming a “big boy” now. He is talking like a pro and coming out of his shell at church. He came and helped me with the new move ins ministry and enjoyed it. We were able to go on vacation a week ago and see Liz’s family in Indiana. We had a wonderful time relaxing out on the quiet farm.

Thank you all!

thanksgiving concert 2015 invitation

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