Winter-Spring Update

Hello Everyone,

We are sorry that it has been so long since our last update. There has been much that has happened in the past few months.  I will share a few things. In late November, we had our second outreach concert. We did it the night before Thanksgiving and it went very well. We normally plan on doing this concert at Christmas time but Pastor John’s wife was due around that time so we pushed our concert earlier. We ministered both to our people and to another church from Queens. It was a wonderful time of praise among believers. In December, Sarah Brackbill had her sixth child, his name is Isaiah. The Lord allowed us to get much accomplished on the building over the winter. We winterized all of our big windows using plexiglass to help save on heating. The most exciting thing going on with the building is the third floor. We are cleaning it up and painting it so that we can allow missionary families to stay with us on deputation and furlough. On Good Friday, we had our third outreach concert and had 7 visitors come out to it. We praise the Lord for His goodness in allowing us to preach the Gospel to the lost! I also enjoyed a lot of extra preaching opportunities at the church plant/food pantry in the city over the winter months as one of their pastors was out of the country and returned sick. I was excited to serve in this way.

Two Praises – #1: We had our first baptism in a long time on Resurrection Sunday! The man got baptized and then we voted him into membership. This gentleman has shown a huge desire to learn and to grow in God’s Word and I have the privilege of meeting with him once a week. #2: I got bit by our dying cat when I brought her to the vet. Seriously… I brought her to the vet, she had a panic attack, she bit me, and she fell over dead (I doubt any other animals will bite me now). I ended up getting blood poisoning and spent 3 days in the hospital. I felt fine and never ran a fever but apparently it was quite serious (I received 8 or 9 IVs of antibiotics)! Statistically speaking I easily could have wound up needing hand surgery etc. but the Lord allowed me to bypass this and get right back to work that very Sunday 🙂

Upcoming Events – We are looking forward to some upcoming outreaches. In mid-May, we have an accomplished piano player coming to Port Washington to put on a concert at our church. He has played all over the world and put on over 2,700 concerts. We will be advertising all over town hoping to get the “music community” into the church. The man is a believer and will share his testimony as part of the concert. He is a converted Jewish man, which is very exciting as we have a very large Jewish community in our town.

On Memorial day, we will be hosting a free barbecue. Last year we had more visitors come to this event than any other. We invite people who are down at the parade to come and join us. We have a camp like fun time and then preach the Gospel.

Please pray that the Gospel would go forth and land on tender hearts. We need the Lord to be at work in hearts… Please also be in prayer for us as we continue to build relationships with our neighbors to share the Gospel with them.

Thank you for all your prayers! We are all doing well. Russell and Emelia are both growing up fast and Liz and I are enjoying the privilege of parenting them and pointing them to the one true and good Father.


Our monthly nursing home ministry.


All of these boxes full of crushed boxes were full of food given to the needy which opened the door for the Gospel to be preached to them.


We really enjoy weekly meal time with the church family.


Thanks for all your prayers!



Services have been full at the food pantry! (149 people)





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