Summer 2016

We continue to find joy in serving the Lord here in Port Washington. Our Father has given us a beautiful summer of opportunities to reach out to the lost around us through different ways.

In May, we had a gentleman come in and put on a piano concert. We had several visitors come from the community. Amidst his concert, he shared his testimony of how the Lord drew him to Christ.

In June, the Brackbills were able to take a relaxing family vacation. I covered for Pastor John while he was gone; basically, my whole month of June was prepping extra sermons and planning ahead with Pastor John before he left. I truly enjoyed getting to preach God’s Word in extended times and repeatedly to my church family.

In early July we had a music group come in and put a concert on for our church people. This college group had a busy schedule and was coming out from time in the city so we were able to give them a little time of relaxation and feed them and do their laundry.

We enjoyed a wonderful vacation in July, as well. We got to spend two weeks in Indiana visiting Liz’s family farm. Russell enjoyed feeding the cows, rabbits, cats, gathering eggs and also chasing the chickens away from the cats’ food! I was able to spend time reading some edifying books and just relax with my family. Even while we were on vacation, the Lord graciously allowed us to share the Gospel with someone.

The month of August has been incredible already. The past few weeks we have had many visitors. Three different couples and two families. One of the couples moved into our neighborhood recently and we were able to have them over for dinner. After dinner, I was able to share the Gospel with them for over an hour. They were full of great questions and asked if we could do a weekly Bible study. We are looking forward to seeing how the Lord works in their lives. We have also been having a weekly reading group at a local coffee shop every Saturday morning. We had none people this last week and have been greatly encouraged by Bridges book “Transforming Grace”. Picture of the group is below.

Prayer: We ask that you would please continue to pray for us. Below, I’ve listed some specific requests.

1 – That God would save this young couple as we start a Bible study with them.

2- That God would give us grace as we raise our children and point them to the love of Christ.

3 – That God would grow each member and our church body as a whole towards Christ-likeness.

4 – For financial provision both for our church and for us personally (so I can continue in serving in full-time ministry here).

5 – We have been having many off and on visitors (saved and unsaved). Please pray that God would work in their hearts to (#1 be saved) commit to a local body and seek to gather weekly as a member of our church or another Gospel preaching church.

6 – That God would give me wisdom as I serve in my regular ministries: Preaching, music, outreaches, children’s ministry, evangelistic Bible studies, church property maintenance, and administrative work.


Thank you all for your prayer and support.




Transforming Grace Reading Group




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