Mission Statement

Our Mission is to assist local churches with the proclamation of the Gospel in NYC. Currently Kevin is the Pastoral Assistant at The Bible Church of Port Washington, NY. He also travels into the city once a week and helps with food pantry services at the New York Gospel Mission.

Doctrinal Statement

Revelation – God has revealed Himself in two different ways. (1.) Through direct or special revelation. We see all through the OT and the NT that God speaks directly to or through angels to mankind. Clear examples of this are displayed in the lives of Abraham, Moses, Mary, and Paul. The Bible is also special revelation to man. The 66 books of the Bible are the inspired Word of God sufficient in anything we need to know for salvation and Christian growth, according to 2 Tim 3:16. (2.) General revelation is displayed through creation. General revelation does not bring salvation to man but rather condemns him by making him mindful that there is a God. Romans 1 shows us that all of mankind knows of God through the created earth yet turns away from their creator.

God – There is one God. God is a trinity, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. All three persons are equal but existing with different functions. You can find the functions (in our salvation) of the three persons of God in Eph 1. The Father is the planner. The Son is the Righteous Lamb of God who redeems us through His blood. The Spirit is the seal of our salvation.

Man/sin – Man is inherently sinful through Adam (Rom 5). All have sinned and are deserving of eternal punishment of hell (Rom 3:23; 6:23). Sin originated with Satan. Satan after his fall deceived man into disobeying God in the garden.

Salvation – God planned salvation before the foundations of the world. God works in the heart of sinful man to turn to turn him to trust in Christ. When there is a belief in Christ and a calling upon His name, man is washed clean from his sin and Christ’s righteousness is imputed to him (Rom 5; 10:9-13). Those in the OT and NT were saved through faith in The Messiah, whether looking forward towards His coming or back upon Him in history, James 2:23.

Eschatology – One day Christ will return to bring His children home to dwell with Him, 2 Thess 1-2. After the millennium, Creation will be restored to the state of perfection. All sin and its followers will be cast into eternal punishment. Those who are in Christ will spend eternity dwelling with God, Rev 22.

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