The Vigneaults

Missions Board – IBMGlobal of Nashua NH.


Kevin – Has a Bachelors degree in Biblical Studies from Maranatha Baptist Bible College and is over half way to an MA in Urban Ministries. He has taken seminary classes from both MBBC and Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary.

Liz – Has an associates degree in Christian Ministries from Maranatha.


The Vigneault’s have served in a number of different ministries, giving them a heart for inner-city churches. Kevin played soccer for an inner-city high school where the Lord gave a burden to Kevin for those in the city. Liz and Kevin had the privilege of serving at a church just outside of Milwaukee. They worked with teens at this church and found a great need (See “Our Vision” tab). Kevin has been a part of two youth group start ups and has also helped start a bus ministry for a church. The Vigneaults have lived in NYC for 18 months as missionaries where they worked with a church plant and food pantry. They now are serving at Trinity Baptist Church of Concord, NH. Kevin is involved in the Mission’s Apprenticeship Program with Trinity, where he is closely mentored by the pastoral staff. During this next year Kevin, Liz, and Russell will be spreading the burden of this ministry and raising funds in order to start moving forward with it in the next two years.

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