Read This Before You Head to Church

I preached Psalm 130 last week and wanted to share these wonderful truths with you all… I hope they are an encouragement to you as much as they were to me.

Psalm 30 is a remarkable Psalm, part of two types of Psalms. The Psalm is first a Pilgrim Psalm. Israelites would sing this psalm on their way to Jerusalem to worship. Secondly, this Psalm is also in the category of Penitent, a proclaiming forth of their repentance from sin.

This leads me to suggest you ask yourself a few questions. Do you ever feel unworthy when you approach God in worship? Do you ever hesitate to pray for forgiveness for the hundredth time? Or, in light of the forgiveness you have, do you feel liberty to continue in your sin? Psalm 130 helps us answer all of these questions according to God’s truths.

In verses 1 and 2 the Psalmist opens up about his position, crying out from the depths. He feels lonely, desperate as if he was drowning. He is seeking for the Lord to listen to him. He seems to feel as though God is not listening to him and therefore is crying out for God to incline His ear to him.

After declaring his emotions, he focuses on God’s character. He recognizes that God is a holy and just judge. There are none righteous, no not one. Therefore, there are none who can stand in front of the just Judge, just as all will melt before the word of Christ at Armageddon. Alongside of God being just, He is also forgiving, (we now know this forgiveness in hindsight through Christ).

What is the response to coming to remember the forgiveness we have in Christ? It is the fear of God. This is not a feeling of being scared…

The sweetest communion often comes in the wake of transgressions forgiven. The restored relationship drives a renewed sense of love, devotion, and desire to obey.

Don’t ever hesitate to run to God after you have sinned. Call it sin. Regret it. But find your peace and forgiveness in our forgiving God! And in response to this forgiveness, seek with renewed vigor to work out the salvation you have with fear and trembling.

Because of this forgiveness, we ought to also follow the Psalmist’s example in doing a few things, he waits on the Lord, He hopes in His Word, and he calls others to trust in God along with him. Is this your response? His dependence is completely on the Lord.

Waiting – As the watchmen watch the darkness continue on for hours and anticipate the sun rays coming to melt shadows and fears of threats away giving peace and proper perception, so also the psalmist looks to God to answer his prayers and make His presence known to him.

Do you ever feel unworthy when you approach God in worship? Your worth is not found in anything YOU do. Your acceptance before God is based solely on Christ and His righteousness. You could be walking out from church or walking away from a fight with your spouse and your standing of righteousness before God does not waver.

Do you ever hesitate to pray for forgiveness for the hundredth time? Praise God, He is a forgiving God! Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more. God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.

In light of the forgiveness you have, do you feel liberty to continue in your sin? God is a forgiving God, that He may be feared. Fear the Lord! Shall you sin more that grace may abound? Answer: NO, surely not, absolutely not! If you understand the true depth of your sin and the cost of your forgiveness… this is an “obedience generator.”

May these truths drive you to worship, to repentance, to declaration, and to obedience.

Summer 2016

We continue to find joy in serving the Lord here in Port Washington. Our Father has given us a beautiful summer of opportunities to reach out to the lost around us through different ways.

In May, we had a gentleman come in and put on a piano concert. We had several visitors come from the community. Amidst his concert, he shared his testimony of how the Lord drew him to Christ.

In June, the Brackbills were able to take a relaxing family vacation. I covered for Pastor John while he was gone; basically, my whole month of June was prepping extra sermons and planning ahead with Pastor John before he left. I truly enjoyed getting to preach God’s Word in extended times and repeatedly to my church family.

In early July we had a music group come in and put a concert on for our church people. This college group had a busy schedule and was coming out from time in the city so we were able to give them a little time of relaxation and feed them and do their laundry.

We enjoyed a wonderful vacation in July, as well. We got to spend two weeks in Indiana visiting Liz’s family farm. Russell enjoyed feeding the cows, rabbits, cats, gathering eggs and also chasing the chickens away from the cats’ food! I was able to spend time reading some edifying books and just relax with my family. Even while we were on vacation, the Lord graciously allowed us to share the Gospel with someone.

The month of August has been incredible already. The past few weeks we have had many visitors. Three different couples and two families. One of the couples moved into our neighborhood recently and we were able to have them over for dinner. After dinner, I was able to share the Gospel with them for over an hour. They were full of great questions and asked if we could do a weekly Bible study. We are looking forward to seeing how the Lord works in their lives. We have also been having a weekly reading group at a local coffee shop every Saturday morning. We had none people this last week and have been greatly encouraged by Bridges book “Transforming Grace”. Picture of the group is below.

Prayer: We ask that you would please continue to pray for us. Below, I’ve listed some specific requests.

1 – That God would save this young couple as we start a Bible study with them.

2- That God would give us grace as we raise our children and point them to the love of Christ.

3 – That God would grow each member and our church body as a whole towards Christ-likeness.

4 – For financial provision both for our church and for us personally (so I can continue in serving in full-time ministry here).

5 – We have been having many off and on visitors (saved and unsaved). Please pray that God would work in their hearts to (#1 be saved) commit to a local body and seek to gather weekly as a member of our church or another Gospel preaching church.

6 – That God would give me wisdom as I serve in my regular ministries: Preaching, music, outreaches, children’s ministry, evangelistic Bible studies, church property maintenance, and administrative work.


Thank you all for your prayer and support.




Transforming Grace Reading Group




Winter-Spring Update

Hello Everyone,

We are sorry that it has been so long since our last update. There has been much that has happened in the past few months.  I will share a few things. In late November, we had our second outreach concert. We did it the night before Thanksgiving and it went very well. We normally plan on doing this concert at Christmas time but Pastor John’s wife was due around that time so we pushed our concert earlier. We ministered both to our people and to another church from Queens. It was a wonderful time of praise among believers. In December, Sarah Brackbill had her sixth child, his name is Isaiah. The Lord allowed us to get much accomplished on the building over the winter. We winterized all of our big windows using plexiglass to help save on heating. The most exciting thing going on with the building is the third floor. We are cleaning it up and painting it so that we can allow missionary families to stay with us on deputation and furlough. On Good Friday, we had our third outreach concert and had 7 visitors come out to it. We praise the Lord for His goodness in allowing us to preach the Gospel to the lost! I also enjoyed a lot of extra preaching opportunities at the church plant/food pantry in the city over the winter months as one of their pastors was out of the country and returned sick. I was excited to serve in this way.

Two Praises – #1: We had our first baptism in a long time on Resurrection Sunday! The man got baptized and then we voted him into membership. This gentleman has shown a huge desire to learn and to grow in God’s Word and I have the privilege of meeting with him once a week. #2: I got bit by our dying cat when I brought her to the vet. Seriously… I brought her to the vet, she had a panic attack, she bit me, and she fell over dead (I doubt any other animals will bite me now). I ended up getting blood poisoning and spent 3 days in the hospital. I felt fine and never ran a fever but apparently it was quite serious (I received 8 or 9 IVs of antibiotics)! Statistically speaking I easily could have wound up needing hand surgery etc. but the Lord allowed me to bypass this and get right back to work that very Sunday 🙂

Upcoming Events – We are looking forward to some upcoming outreaches. In mid-May, we have an accomplished piano player coming to Port Washington to put on a concert at our church. He has played all over the world and put on over 2,700 concerts. We will be advertising all over town hoping to get the “music community” into the church. The man is a believer and will share his testimony as part of the concert. He is a converted Jewish man, which is very exciting as we have a very large Jewish community in our town.

On Memorial day, we will be hosting a free barbecue. Last year we had more visitors come to this event than any other. We invite people who are down at the parade to come and join us. We have a camp like fun time and then preach the Gospel.

Please pray that the Gospel would go forth and land on tender hearts. We need the Lord to be at work in hearts… Please also be in prayer for us as we continue to build relationships with our neighbors to share the Gospel with them.

Thank you for all your prayers! We are all doing well. Russell and Emelia are both growing up fast and Liz and I are enjoying the privilege of parenting them and pointing them to the one true and good Father.


Our monthly nursing home ministry.


All of these boxes full of crushed boxes were full of food given to the needy which opened the door for the Gospel to be preached to them.


We really enjoy weekly meal time with the church family.


Thanks for all your prayers!



Services have been full at the food pantry! (149 people)





October Update

Hello Everyone,

We are sorry that it has been so long since an update. The end of the summer into the fall have been some wonderful times.

Ministry – We have really been enjoying our new move ins ministry. We have been receiving the name and address of all those who move into Port Washington each month (80 on average). John and I and some other people from the church have been going out with welcome packets to give to these new families. We have been blessed with some wonderful conversations. This outreach has become our favorite way to share the Gospel.

We have had a new family at the church with four children. They have been coming quite consistently for over two months now. It has been such a blessing to minister to them and see the children all play together. We ave also been having quite a few people from the Helen Keller Center for the Deaf and Blind visiting. There have also been two ladies who use to attend the church over thirty years ago who have recently been attending again.

I have been able to do a lot of work on the property lately and The Lord has allowed us to move our  offices down to the second floor in order to have more space and be more accessible to the church people. Both the 1st and 2nd floor now have fresh coats of paint and are nicely finished. We will be working on the third floor, as The Lord provides, with hopes of having it become a nice space for missionary housing.

Please be in prayer for our Thanksgiving Concert – We have 2,500 door hangers and 500 postcards that we will be giving out these next few weeks as invitations to a special Thanksgiving “eve” concert. This is very similar to what we did at Easter time this past Spring. That outreach brought out over ten visitors who heard the Gospel. We ask that you would pray that The Lord would bring many lost people out and that He would draw sinners to Christ.

Our family has been doing great. Emelia is as sweet as ever and getting big. She is just over four months now and very healthy and happy. Russell is really becoming a “big boy” now. He is talking like a pro and coming out of his shell at church. He came and helped me with the new move ins ministry and enjoyed it. We were able to go on vacation a week ago and see Liz’s family in Indiana. We had a wonderful time relaxing out on the quiet farm.

Thank you all!

thanksgiving concert 2015 invitation

Baby. Bible. Busy :)

What a blessing to rest in God’s gracious and sovereign plan… He has allowed so many outreach opportunities. On Memorial Day, we had over twenty visitors come onto our property and hear the Gospel. One of them was a repeat visitor from our Good Friday Concert.  We have yet to see any of those visitors return, which is hard. As I asked prayer for in June, I had an incredible opportunity to preach the Gospel at a memorial service for my Grandmother. There were over seventy people there predominately catholic in background. I had a captive audience for twenty minutes. What a privilege to share with all of them the love of God displayed in the giving of His only Son

This month we have started a “new move ins” ministry. We receive a list of all those who have moved into Port Washington each month. Our first goal is to catch them at home and give them a welcome packet we put together. If they are not home we leave it as a door hanger.  About a month later we have people from the church that will call to make a second point of contact with them. A few months after that, we will send out mailings as a third point of contact. We have already had three very good conversations this month with a Catholic, a Buddhist, and a man raised Presbyterian who has not been to church in quite some time. This man is married with two young children. He and his wife have wanted to get back into church and he was thrilled that we came by to welcome him to the community. Please pray that we will see them in church soon.

As most of you know, Liz had our baby on June, 25th. Emelia Marie-Ange Vigneault weighed 6.2 and was 19.25 inches. We are very blessed. She is incredibly content and sweet and Russell loves her to bits. Liz has been having a smooth recovery.

I have consistently been having wonderful opportunities to preach in Manhattan and simply help out around the church there. Yesterday I preached Psalm 133 on the blessings of unity. There are more and more attentive faces and open Bibles in the seats. What a blessing to see a hunger for God’s Word.

Food for thought – Paul is addressing the Colossae church in chapter 2 of Colossians and he has a great struggle for them. His struggle is that they not be drawn away from the truth by false teachers… persuasive false teachers. His antidote is found in verse 2 “ that their hearts may be encouraged, having been knit together in love, and attaining to all the wealth that comes from the full assurance of understanding, resulting in a true knowledge of God’s mystery, that is, Christ Himself”. His first desire is that their hearts be encouraged or (stabilized/strengthened) by being knit together in love. Do you allow yourself to be knit together in love? Do you actually spend time with your church family? Do you simply arrive, sit, observe the service and leave? And one last question, are you a member of a church in the first place? God’s design for believers is that they be saved, baptized, and added to the church; then to be united in that church and built up by it and participating as an actual part with its’ own gifts to add. This is God’s plan for the church. Allow yourself to be strengthened in your heart by being knit together in love with a local church.

Thank you everyone for your prayers!

We love and appreciate you all for following what God is doing here.

Please see our “Music” tab for our recordings and sermons.

Featured imagefront of new move in welcome card

Specific Prayer for Today

Hello Everyone,

Would appreciate your prayers as I preach at my grandmothers memorial service today at 2. I Have been praying for the salvation of my extended family for many years and I am very excited that God has given me this opportunity. Please pray for wisdom and that I will be able to communicate the truths of God’s word graciously in light of the setting.

April Update – Gospel Going Forth


Thank you all for your prayers. Our Good Friday outreach went very well. We had twelve visitors on Good Friday and another six visitors on Easter Sunday. Please be in prayer for continued growth of attendance and tender hearts towards the Gospel. We are really praying that the Lord would graciously allow us to see family units be saved and added to the church here.  We also had an incredible church workday and were able to transform the front of the church.

We have always had a church picnic on Memorial Day but this year we are handing out invitations to it at the parade and hanging a large banner.  In other words we are turning our little church picnic into a free barbecue for the community and presenting the Gospel.  We are also organizing a men’s fishing trip for this June so that men from the church can invite their unsaved family, friends and neighbors. Please be in prayer for these two events. We are completely dependent on the Lord to work in hearts.

I (Kevin) have had some wonderful opportunities out in the community just getting to know people and build relationships. I was playing soccer recently with a group of guys and when the game finished a young man needed a ride home. I offered. As soon as we got into the car he asked me what I did for a living… J God clearly opened the door quickly. The boy was from Georgia (the country) and has grown up an Orthodox Christian. He did not know the Gospel and agreed to grab some coffee with me. Sitting in Dunkin’s I had him read Romans 6:23 and he told me what the verse meant… “Sinners deserve death.” Then I had him read Romans 3:23 the light bulb turned on for him and he exclaimed “we are all sinners and ALL deserve death!” I then was able to point him to Christ. Unfortunately when we discussed having a Bible study on a regular basis his mom said that she wants him to do one with someone she knows. Please pray for me to have wisdom as I continue to see him around the community and play soccer with him.

I also ask prayer from you all for the following. I have a strong desire to be feeding the sheep with a rich diet of God’s Word each week. Here is a quote from Preaching: How to Preach Biblically that recently made an impact on me – “The young preacher has been taught to lay out all his strength on the form, taste, and beauty of his sermon as a mechanical and intellectual product. We have thereby cultivated a vicious taste among the people and raised the clamor for talent instead of grace, eloquence instead of piety, rhetoric instead of revelation, reputation and brilliancy instead of holiness.” God has taught me a tremendous amount about preaching in the past year but I am weak and sinful and therefore need God to be transforming me by His grace each week as I prepare to step behind the pulpit. I have been learning that it is not style, properly outlining, or good illustrations that make a sermon an impact on hearts. It is coming from the very presence of God and truly grasping the truths of the text and clearly presenting these truths in an understandable and relevant message.

Liz’s pregnancy is continuing to go well and our little girl is looking very healthy. Russell is growing up fast and excited to meet baby… Below is a video of him trying to quote John 3:16. Please also enjoy the music and video of the church renovations below.

The Vigneaults